Flytrap – Armadilha 15

Armadilha 15. The discreet insect light trap for areas up to 15m²

 Armadilha 15 

With its discreet and attractive design the Armadilha 15R is recommended for use in domestic and professional environments. The Armadilha 15R is designed to be placed as either a free-standing or wall-mounted unit.

This glueboard is placed out of sight providing discrete control of the flying insect pests. Armadilha 15R is easy to install, easy to service and safe to use. The unit is designed for indoor use only.

10 reasons to start using the Armadilha 15:

  1. In its free-standing or wall mounted position, the unit offers full discretion.
  2. Unit can be used in a wide variety of applications
  3. Glue board discreetly placed out of sight and is easy to replace from the top.
  4. Plastic housing offers durability.
  5. Effective coverage of areas up to 15 m².
  6. Easy to service with direct access to lamp, board and starter.
  7. Meets ISO 9001 / RoHS & the CE standard. Unit is HACCP compliant.
  8. The heat entrapment design ensures that insects fly in faster.
  9. High powered effective UV-A lamp.
  10. 1 year full guarantee on the mechanical aspects.

Fruit Fly trap (Optional)

In the top section of the unit you can place a small holder which can contain fruitfly attractant (liquid), used to enhance trapment of fruit flies.

In combination with the Armadilha 15 a dispenser and 50ml refill bottle is available. The dispenser can be clicked into the top cover of the Armadilha 15. Fruit flies who enter the trap, will be collected inside the dispenser and / or on the glue board, placed on the inside of the Armadilha 15.


Technical specifications

Area coverage :
Light source :
Type of lamp :
Position :
Electrical supply :
Catch specifications :
Power consumption :
Weight :
Material :
Degree of protection :
Colour :
Int. building norm :
Guarantee :
Lamp lifetime :
Dimensions (LxDxH) :
CE-approval :
15 m2 effective coverage
1 x 8 Watt UV-A PL-S
UV-A Lamp RoHS certified
Free-standing or wall-mounted
230 V ~ 50 Hz or 120 V ~ 60 Hz
Temperature optimised glue board
120 Watt
1 Kg
Plastic housing
IP 20
acc. IEC 60.335-259 int. std
1 year return to base
9000 hrs
∅140 x 280 mm