Flypaper roll 10S

Flypaper roll 10S – for attraction and control on flying insects – indoor

Flytrap roll 10S

The Flypaper roll 10S, a 25 cm wide roll with a length of 10 m, special made for catching flies. For use in all kind of stables, indoor areas, storage rooms and processing plants.



Flytrap roll 10S








The Fly trap – Flypaperroll 10S contains patterns and colors which attract flies. A very strong glue board catches the flies and will stick on the paper roll.

The Insective Flypaper roll 10S contains a pattern, which is optimised to attract flying insects fast.

 The roll contains 10m of flypaper.

The special non-dangerous glue is developed to retain the insects on the board. Easy to service, easy to dispose off.

Start using the Flypaper roll 10S:

1. Remove the product package from the roll. Do not remove the cord.
2. Attach leading end of roll, with cord on a hook or angled nail.
3. Pull the roll down by holding onto cord. Glue surface facing down.
4. Hang cord on a hook – pull out as much you need on the place.
5. For best results, unroll the full trap to the ground (if possible).


For controlling
Color board
Water resistant
Counting grid
Operational time
Storage time
Storage temperature
Weight per roll
Disposal instructions
Environmental aspects
Regulatory aspects
Flypaper roll 10S (Stable roll)
Glue roll for control of flying insects
10 meters
0,25 meters
Flying insects in stables/several areas
Humidity resistant paper execution
Commonly 2 months
Max. 60 months
Max. 25 degrees Celsius
0,32 kg
None specific