Sticky traps

Sticky traps for monitoring and controlling 

The natural, environmental friendly and economical alternative to sprays and harmful chemicals. The sticky traps are the ideal monitor and trap solution in greenhouses to keep undesired insects away from your plants and crops.

Many insects that prey on plants are attracted by the color blue or yellow. Using these colours, covered in an environmental friendly glue, allows us to lure these unwanted insects onto the sticky boards.


Special attention has been given to the glue. The formula we use meets the highest environmental standards(*) can be used in dry and humid areas and can be used hassle-free. (*) The glue formula we developed meets the 2018 REACH directive

They are effective, entirely safe and simple to use.










Effective against the following pests:


Carrot rust flies

Colorado Potato Beetle

Cucumber Beetles

Flea Beetle

Fruit Flies

Fungus gnats

Gypsy moths

Japanese Beetles







   … and many more!