Instructions-Manuals S-trap

For monitoring the presence of silverfish and firebrats


Instructions for arrangement:

The trap should be placed on smooth surfaces (on the floors).

  1. Open the trap and take a pill with the attractant out of the sachet.
  2. Place the pill in the container located at the bottom of the trap (part with the arched canals) and close the trap:
  3. Place the trap on a smooth surface (do not place the trap on carpets/carpet flooring).


The durability of the trap is limited by a degree of deactivation of the pill with the attractant. Under standard conditions the trap should be replaced every month.

The traps shall be effective only after a longer period of use in a single place exposure. It involves the necessity to obtain a sufficiendy high degree of concentration of the attractant inside the trap and identification of the trap by the insects as a safe place. 


The trap does not contain any potentially harmful substances.The attractant is safe for pets and humans.

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