Green wasp trap fluid

How to make you own Green wasp trap fluid?

Especially in the late summer and early fall, wasps will be looking for sugar based products and liquids.

This is also the time of the year that wasps are the most aggressive. But ofcourse the wasp trap can be used during the entire period that wasps are active and are causing a nuisance.


During the summer time, aggressive wasps can spoil our time sitting outside or the we time spent in the garden. The Insective wasp/MT trap in combination with your own wasp fluid, provides a permanent and chemical-free solution to this problem.

How to control these aggressive wasps?

The wasp trap system, to be positioned at a good distance away from sitting areas, attracts and kills wasps.

It does not employ chemical pesticides to attract and kill wasps:

  • The attraction (baiting) offering an irresistible scent to the wasp, created by your natural based fluid.
  • Once the wasp flies into the trap, from where it is unable to escape, it will quickly drown in the liquid.

Trouble free and simple

Using the wasp fluid is a breeze. Simply add the wasp fluid inside the wasp trap. And the fluid will start doing its job: attract wasps.
To maintain a good baiting effect, a new wasp fluid should be placed into the trap, typically every 3 weeks. This should work enough to go through the summer season, without the nuisance of wasps.

How to make wasp fluid:

  • Unscrew the lid of the wasp trap
  • Fill up the wasp trap with a root beer, such as Fruit juice, Cola, Fruit flavoured or Lemon lime softdrink.
  • To avoid bees entering into the wasp-trap: ad into the fluid a spoon full of vinegar. Unlike wasps, bees can identify this scent, which will repel them. As a result they will not enter into the trap
  • Screw the lid back onto the wasp trap and you are all set.
  • Periodically top it up and / or empty & clean the wasp trap. Before opening up the wasp trap make sure that no live wasps are still inside.


Usable for the MT-trap (if you want to use it as wasp trap) and W-trap:

MT-trap (wasp/horsefly trap) 

This trap is designed to catch those aggressive insects, which commonly create a lot of irritation:
• Horse flies (May to August)
• Wasps (August & September)

W-trap (wasp trap)

Wasps are a common problem in the summer and autumn. Towards the end of summer and in autumn they become increasingly more aggressive.