Silverfish trap – S-trap

For monitoring the presence of silverfish and firebrats

product overview

Silverfish and Firebrats inhabit moist areas, requiring a relative humidity between 75% and 95%. In urban areas, they can be found in museums, attics, restaurants, basements, bathtubs, and showers.

The new highly effective S-trap for capturing silverfish and firebrats. Design based on the expertise in the specific nature of insect behavior.

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Silverfish and Firebrats inhabit moist areas, requiring a relative humidity between 75% and 95%.

How does the S-trap work?

By means of the mounting holder, the S-trap can be placed in a discrete position in rooms with a relatively humidity level.

They enter the trap via the openings and – once they are inside – get caught on a glue strip.
The S-trap works highly selective and reduces the population of the Silverfish/Firebrats.


The S-trap offers following clear advantages:

  1. Selectivity on the insect species, which need to be controlled.
  2. Dust is kept outside the trap, which offers an easy handling
  3. As the S-trap is transparent, monitoring its content is a breeze.
  4. The S-trap is compact and light, which makes it easy to transport and easy to handle
  5. The S-trap is constructed in such a way that no physical contact with the glue is possible:
    Hygienic and Safe to use.
  6. After use the S-trap can be disposed of as normal waste.



Specific features
Set-up instructions
Specific instructions
Special for catching:
Lepisma saccharina,Thermobia domestica
Transparent PS, hinged lid
Transparent, hermetic structure; liquid, stable and not running glue; attractant tablet.
Discrete placement directly next to the wall.
Important! – traps should be set up on a smooth and even surface.
11,8 x 11,1 x 1,0 cm (L x W x H)
Silverfish, Firebrats, Museum beetles (larvae), Brown carpet beetles (larvae), Psocoptera, Drugstore beetles